Hounslow/West End Trip 25/02/12

The first time in just over a month since I was forced onto crutches, I got off them today, so I decided to go around the West End, especially since Route 9 now does not serve Piccadilly Circus. This was the first day of the re-routing.
Sadly, not all went to plan as I woke up quite late. This meant less time for photographs.

Firstly, a rare sighting as I went to Hounslow to cut my hair.
Its an intercity liveried Class 73 with a departmental vehicle.

At Hounslow, not much had changed for quite some time, except for the 110 extension to West Middlesex Hospital, the relocation of the southbound 110/111/281/H28 bus stop near the Treaty Centre. But, routes 81, 120 and 222 are due to get Enviro 400s. This allows the Volvo B7TLs to leave normal service and to be put into private hire/disposed of. Here are some observations:
 London United/RATP TA326 (SN03 EAG) on route 281, refurbished.
 London United/RATP DPS679 (LG02 FHK) on route 116.
 London United/RATP DPS590 (SN51 TDZ) on Route 222, soon to be totally converted to double decker buses.
 London United/RATP SP6 (YN56 FCG) on Route 81.
 London United/RATP SP45 (YT09 BMZ) on Route 111.
 London United/RATP SN03 LFE on Route 110. The sunlight was quite low at this point, which made it hard for photography looking west.
The iBus for the extended route 110 to West Mid Hospital.
The posters still at bus stops along the extension, which had been planned for some time.
 Metroline VW1048 (LK10 BXS) on route 237.
 Abellio 8753 (RN52 FZA) on route 235.
 London United/RATP OT2 (YJ11 EHH) and OT10 (YJ11 EHU), both on route H37 at the second stop (Hounslow Bus Station)
 The bus stand area that used to be Hounslow Bus Station.
 Detailing of signage of Hounslow Garage.
 London United/RATP MCL4 (BD11 LWR) at stand on the forecourt of Hounslow Garage.
London United/RATP SP45 (YT09 BMZ) on route 111, returning as a short to Hampton Court. There were two 111 buses just a minute ahead of this bus.

Afterwards, I went into Hammersmith and finally, Central London, where I continue this post.

West London Time Masters Novel update: currently on chapter 4, page 22 with 1400 words approximately.


Watford/Harrow/Canning Town Trip 13/02/12

Another bus post. There were other highlights with going to Watford, Harrow and Canning Town in one day, on crutches. Here are some photos from it.

London United/RATP TLA6 (SN53 EUK) on Route 220 stand at Willesden Junction Station.

 Arriva Shires 6010 (KL52 CXB) on Route 142 at Watford High Street.

 Arriva Shires 3259 (V259 HBH) on Route 8 at Watford High Street.
 Transdev/London Sovereign DE77 (YX11 FZD) on Route H17 at Harrow Bus Station.
 Metroline VP340 (LR52 BNY) on Route 140 approaching Harrow Bus Station.
 London Sovereign DPS629 (SK02 XHD) on Route H9 at Harrow Bus Station.
Formerly was in service with London United.
 London Sovereign DE79 (YX11 FZF) on Route H11 at Harrow Bus Station.
 First Group DM44203 (YX61 EKT) on Route 223 at Harrow Bus Station.
 A Stock interior. The Met Line trains since the 1960s. Being replaced by:
 The S Stock. Modern, spacious and uncomfortable for journeys longer than 20mins.
 Stagecoach 17509 (LX51 FNM) on Route 115 at Canning Town Bus Station.
 Go-Ahead Docklands Buses SOC1 (LX08 ECD) on Route 474 at Canning Town Bus Station.
 Rear of Stagecoach 19768 (LX11 BFJ) on Route 5 at Canning Town Bus Station.
 Go-Ahead Docklands Buses SE130 (YX61 BWF) on Route 276 at Canning Town/Hermit Road.
Go-Ahead Docklands Buses WVL427 (LX11 FJC) on Route 474 at Canning Town/Hermit Road.

The trip was mainly for me to go to Watford, see the new Enviro 200s at Harrow, get on both the A and S stocks and get on route 541. All were achieved.


Temporary Bus Route 541 13/02/12

This post is temporarily on this blog until I think I can move to an actual bus blog which I can update frequently.
Temporary bus route 541 was introduced after a road closure, replacing 147, 241 and N551 between Prince Regent and Canning Town through Kier Hardie Estate. After going to Watford, I went to Canning Town just for this bus route. Sorry for the lack of pictures/good video - I was on crutches at this point and it was getting very dark as it was about 1700 by the time I got to Canning Town from Watford, via Harrow, but that's for another post...

iBus for 541:

It is only expected to run until Victoria Dock Road reopens, which may be in May 2012.
Here is some footage of part of the route, even though may be useless as all the windows were dirty.

The bus that I was on was 17588 (LV52 HFX), one of two buses running the route at that time (the other was 17452).
17588 (LV52 HFX)

17452 (couldn't get front view because of crutches)

The publicity poster.

This was the ending to a good day, because after this, it was too dark to take more photos, and I needed to get to the other side of London to get home, so I went for the Jubilee Line and went home.


Watford Trip 13/02/12

I was at South Kenton and was filming trains on the mainline enroute to Watford. I filmed this Voyager and look what happened:

There, as you see, is a pigeon being killed by a train at about 70mph-ish
This is the aftermath:
As clearly shown, the pigeon is now dead. Killer Voyagers :)

The video is now on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By8d8wVOHsw

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