Routes 81, 222, 490 New Buses 23/8/12

When I stepped onto Heathrow Terminal 4, after a lengthy holiday, I decided to do some quick observations on the 490, as it now has new buses and existing buses ex-350.

 Abellio 8789 on Route 490, Heathrow T4. These new buses did 'smell of rubber' (quoting from Matt)
 Abellio 8508 on Route 490, Heathrow T4
 London United/RATP ADE9 on Route 81, Hounslow West Station
 London United ADE21 on Route 222. This particular bus 'smelt of rubber' (quoting from Matt again...), Hounslow West Station
 The old buses are still in force on Route 490. Abellio 8479 on Route 490, Hatton Cross
 Sorry about poor shot, taken from inside moving 482, and just hit a pothole. Abellio 8791 on Route 490, Heathrow Terminal 4
Abellio 8788 on Route 490, Hatton Cross
And other observations:
 Arriva on loan to LOCOG bus at Hatton Cross

 London United/RATP DE14 on Route 285, Hatton Cross
 London United/RATP DPS666 on Route 203, Great South West Road. Short working to Hatton Cross, and next to a Citaro doing full route.
The days of the VA are numbered, as new ADEs come in. VA72 still in service, on Route 222, Hounslow West.

As a footnote: I'm back, blogging. And we may quote more from Matt, seeming as most new buses 'smell of rubber' nowadays, oddly...


Route 188 Temporary Extension 1/8/12

Before I left for Philippines, I managed to take pictures of the 188's temporary extension to Euston. This was done for the Olympics and Paralympics for 2 reasons: Russell Square is closed to all traffic but Games Vehicles and access to properties and, in my opinion, probably an access route to two mainline stations: Waterloo and Euston, to Greenwich Park and the O2 (North Greenwich Arena), which are Olympic venues.

Here are a few pictures of the 188:

Countdown at Waterloo showing the 188 to Euston

Abellio LF06 YRC at Waterloo blinded for... something

iBus for LF06 YRC

Inside my 188 bus at Euston

Abellio 2403 properly blinded for Euston

Abellio 9051 somehow blinded for Russell Square

This may be off-topic but there are also new ADEs for Shepherd's Bush Garage. I'm unsure where it'll go but it seems it'll be for the 220 will be for the 81 and a number of other routes from Hounslow (AV) Garage.

London United ADE 27 (YX12 FOP) on the 148 at Shepherd's bush