Farewell Route 953 31/10/12

Route 953 is being withdrawn on the 7th November 2012, so I'm forced to cover it a week early due to school, and it luckily being half term this week. Mobility buses are a dying trend, and only the 931, 965, 969 remain from a very extensive network.

 Countdown to the 953 journey
 953 - gone next week
 First DML41430 on Route 953, Romford Station
 iBus display of 953
953 iBus
Ride on DML41430
 Interior of DML41430
  First DML41430 on Route 953, Dagenham Asda
DML41430 leaving Dagenham Asda

Route 953 will be withdrawn on 7/11/12


Routes 103, 234, W9 New Buses & Route 498 20/10/12

During a long Saturday, I got to cover a lot of bus routes, even though I did leave quite late, circumstances beyond my control. Sorry about the delay for the post - due to many exams at once.

Anyway, routes 103, 234 and W9 have got new buses, and 498 has now been double decked supposedly with TNAs, but DNs are the buses I only observed at Romford. Also, there are other observations.

We start with the 234:
Metroline DP1010 on Route 234, Whetstone. The old buses are still here.
Metroline DEM1343 on Route 234, Whetstone. 
Fleet numbers are not on the front of the buses...
Interior shots of DEM1343

Metroline DEM1352 on Route 234, Whetstone
Rear of DEM1343
Rear view of DEM1352, Whetstone
I then went to Southgate for the W9:
Interior shot of DEM1341
iBus display on DEM1341
Metroline DEM1345(?) on Route W9
Metroline DEM1341 on Route W9, Enfield Civic Centre

Rear of DEM1341
After going on trains to Walthamstow to cover the 257, I then went to Romford, on the long Shenfield Metro, to cover the 103 and 498. And, unintentionally, the 370.

First DN33555 on Route 498, Romford Station
Rear of First DN33555 on Route 498, Romford Station
Stagecoach 17829 on Route 103, Romford Station
Stagecoach 10157 on Route 103, Romford Market
First DN33551 on Route 498, Romford Mercury Gardens
iBus display on DN33551
First DN33551 on Route 498, Romford Station
Line-up of buses at Romford Station Bus Stands
Stagecoach 10161 on Route 103, Romford Station, showing its new blind display.
Stagecoach 10161 on Route 103, Romford Station
Other observations included:
Stagecoach 19713 on Route 174, Romford Station
Arriva (VLA) on Route 370, refurbished, Romford Station
Arriva VLA102 on Route 128, Romford Station
Travel with Hunny 619 on Route X5, Romford Station. The driver :)
 Stagecoach 17898 on Route 5, Romford Mercury Gardens
London United ADE70 on Route 220, Hammersmith, short working to North Pole Road
 London United ADE2 on Route 81, Slough High Street, 24/10/12
London United ADE44 on Route 81, Slough High Street, 24/10/12


Routes 257 and 22 20/10/12

Route 257 is now with Go-Ahead/London General. At Northumberland Park, using refurbished VWLs from Route 22 (who seem to still run the older buses whilst Route 74 take the new ones).

Go-Ahead WVL194 at Walthamstow Central (Hoe Street) Bus Station 
 Close up of legal lettering and roundel.
 Go-Ahead WVL192 side going to stand at Walthamstow Bus Station
 WVL192 ready for service to Stratford via Leytonstone.
 Rear of WVL192 (taken from a 69 bus)
 Unrefurbished WVL207 on Route 257, Hoe Street (taken from 69)
 WVL209 at Hoe Street (taken from a 69)
 WVL199 at Leyton, Baker's Arms (taken from a 69)
 WVL190 at Stratford Bus Station
 Seats inside WVL190 - refurbished
 Views of WVL190 as it leaves near Maryland Station

Although 257 now have former 22 buses, the new buses for the 22 are sometimes in service on other routes. Like the 74.
 Go-Ahead WHV36 on Route 74, Hyde Park Corner 
(curtailed due to public service marches)
Side blind of WHV36
 Meanwhile, older buses ply the 22. Go-Ahead WVL169 on Route 22, Hyde Park Corner
 Go-Ahead WHV38 on Route 74, Hyde Park Corner
 Go-Ahead WVL54 on Route 22, Hyde Park Corner
Go-Ahead WHV38 on Route 74, changed blind and ready to return back to Putney.