Random Picture of the Month 8 (July)

Hi All,
Sorry this one's late - just been busy doing all kinds of things.

Yes, hurrah, it is now July and the sun has finally decided to reintroduce itself to everyone, so I thought it would only be appropriate to use a picture which not only was a feature of the month, but had a lot of 'sun influence' in it as well!

The sun can be very useful for photography - if you use it in the right way. Generally if you have your back to it the buses come out all bright and shiny, but if the sun's behind the bus then the bus is merely a silhouette.

Look at all that blue sky.
KX59AEE blinded for route 268 at South Harrow Station.
Thanks, driver!
The 268 is a weird one an almost Central London route run from the very outskirts of the suburbs. Often, GR like to intermix the double and single deckers when they run out of buses but since the 268 is so far from the depot they try to keep the correct allocation on this route.
So, I decided to make use of this bus being on my local school route with a driver who I know and see what it would look like if it were to ever suddenly end up on the 268. I think it looks quite good myself, what with the '2' in 'O2' being subscript (put down) unlike any other blind I've ever seen.

Like I said though, it's doubtful this will ever happen, and we should just enjoy the sun whilst it lasts.

Also, for those going anywhere nice this summer, do have a good and restful time!

And finally, hopefully the next 'Random Picture Series' Post will be of the new B5L Hybrids with London Sovereign, so keep your eyes peeled!

LJN :)


Hampton Court Flower Show Buses 09/07/13

JPT went to the Hampton Court Flower Show (area) and in the meantime covered the Hampton Court Flower Show shuttles. All whilst waiting for DD12 on 411 to get back...

Bored... Waiting for the Shuttles to arrive



after a while, WVL94 showed up


After terminating at the Green, 8541 makes the return journey towards Kew (who knows if it ever got there)
DD12 on the 411
Ah, WVL94, We meet again!


Where are you going? oh wait...

Hello there, nice to see you PVL224!

Shuttle sign for 805

718 sign

805 sign in the window of LDP186






ooh, a Wayfarer TGX150!


another sign!

PVL224 and LDP187


Nice to see you LDP187


Old logo


to "Apps Court Farm"


highback seats!!!!

Dirty Tickets

WVL94... again...

iBus Removed

MDT gone

Last sticker to lose (eventually)

718 to Victoria. In a minute...

 A driver then noticed me taking photographs of the buses, he asked to see a few, So i showed him. He liked them and said "Those are some good pics mate" he then offered me to look inside the cab of, yes, WVL94! An offer I couldn't refuse!

Blind viewfinder


Height/Fleet No.

Door etc controls

Toot Toot!



Duty Log Card

*JPT looks at phone for 411 DD12*



The open road...

Cash tray

Closer blind view

 I then left the bus, and noticed a 411 was due any minute, so I said farewell, and ran to the bus stop
Anyone remember this advert when first released? It's still at Hampton Court Station!
An NV on the 74... From Roehampton...

Oh, what a shock! DD12!

All in all, a rather short day!

Many thanks to The Go Ahead London team for operating these services and a special thank you to the driver who let me into the cab of his bus!#

All photos in this post by JPT a.k.a londonbuses3001. Copyright protected