Temporary Bus Route 560 17/11/12

Due to bridge works at Streatham Common Station, Routes 60, 118 and N133 were diverted via Norbury Station. To serve the unserved affected roads, former London United/RATP DPS buses were drafted to Quality Line (Epsom Coaches)/RATP to run the free shuttle bus service 560. This service runs from Streatham Common Station to Pollards Hill.
Route 560 Quality Line SDL03 
  Quality Line SDL03 on Route 560, Streatham Common Station
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Timetable for Route 560 at Streatham Common Station

Poster for Streatham Common Station Bridge closure and resulting Route 560

Route 560 bus stop at Streatham Common Station

Quality Line SDL01 on Route 560, Streatham Common Station 

iBus for Route 560

Quality Line SDL02 on Route 560, Pollards Hill


Nice sign on the Oyster reader of SDL02. Yes, the replacement bus is free! :)

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Route 27 Extension 10/11/12

Route 27 has had a short new extension from Turnham Green Church to Chiswick, Business Park. The business park used to be the LT Chiswick Bus Works, now redeveloped to a business park. Route E10 is also planned to be extended into the business park.

Here are observations from the first two days of the extension:
 Countdown at Turnham Green Church on 10/11/12, not knowing the destination of the 27...
 New Timetable
 Warning at the sole bus stop affected with the changes
 Later on in the day, the countdown says the destination is Chiswick Bus Park...
 The poster to show that buses are extended
 London United SLE50 on Route 27, Chiswick Police Station (10/11/12)
iBus for Route 27
 Bus stop post at the terminus
 London United VLE2 at Chiswick Business Park
 Chiswick Business Park bus stand
 London United SLE48 showing 27 to Turnham Green...
 SLE50 at stand
London United SLE55 at Chiswick Business Park (10/11/12)
 London United SLE55 at Chiswick Police Station (11/11/12)
 iBus for bus stop at Chiswick Business Park (11/11/12)
 London United SLE49 at stand (11/11/12)
 London United SLE49 and SLE55 (11/11/12)
 London United VLE19 at Chiswick Business Park (11/11/12)
 London United SLE51 entering and exiting Chiswick Business Park (11/11/12)

London United SLE44 at Chiswick High Road/Business Park

And finally, a photo from before the change:
London United VLE18 on Route 27, Chiswick High Road, 04/11/12.