Other Observations including 62 Reg Buses on Route 120 22/09/12

Even before meeting up with James, I did some observations at Northolt Station. I would've done it at Southall North, if it weren't for certain things.

 Metroline DE1171 on Route 395
 London United ADE26 on Route 120
 Metroline DE1150 on Route 395
Metroline DLD145 on Route 90 
 London United VP111 on Route 120
 London United SP14 on Route 120. I dislike how the lower deck is very small in height in these buses, but some may differ.
 Metroline MM788 on Route 90
London United ADE34 (YX62 AOE) on Route 120, Northolt Station
New 62 reg buses on Route 120, 81 and 222...
 ADE34 at stand
 Changing blinds. 111 to Hampton Wick on these ADEs. They smell of rubber. Again, quoting from Matt.

 Rear blinds showing H22/27...
 ADE34 leaving not in service
 Metroline VP327 blinded for Route 140, not in service
I then met up with James at Notting Hill
 First DML44087 on Route 228, short working, Notting Hill
Then, we went to Walthamstow to get to Leyton Bus Garage by getting on a 69 bus.
 Stagecoach 18239 on Route 69, at Walthamstow Hoe Street Central Bus Station
 Stagecoach 17551 on Route 257, Hoe Street
 First DML44284 on Route W15, Hoe Street
Stagecoach 17822 on Route 69, Hoe Street
 Go Ahead ED10 on Route W19
Whilst on the open top bus to and from West Ham Garage, these are the observations:
Go-Ahead VM1 on Route 474, Canning Town.
 Stagecoach 17816 on Route 69, short working
 Go Ahead SE111 on Route 276
 Stagecoach 10102 on Route 238
  Stagecoach 19866 on Route 104
 Stagecoach 18241 on Route 69, partially blinded for Romford Market and Canning Town oddly.
London General WVN48 on Route 357

West Ham Garage Open Bus Tour 22/09/12

Whilst on an Ensignbus Daimler Fleetline as part of the Leyton Garage open day, we got to go into the grounds of West Ham Garage, whilst on the bus, and look into the largest bus garage in London. This is what we saw.

Overview of the site
Welcome to West Ham Garage
Bus Wash
Lineup of buses along with people on guided tours of the garage.
Inspection pits

Stagecoach 17938 blinded for the 241
Rear lineup of buses (and bendy coach)
Stagecoach RM
The full extent of the bendy coach.
Lineup of buses and a coach.
Stagecoach 36536 blinded for 124, 17444 blinded for park and ride and training 17362
RM1933, RML2760, 25115, 36536
15024, 19000 'Spirit of London' blinded for the 30, 12133, 25304, 23104
Another tour enters the site...

Rear of 10106

10106 blinded for N86
17576, 15017 and YT11 LSD.
17925 blinded for 330, 18268 blinded for 262
Final lineup of buses
Leaving West Ham Garage...
Next post will be on the other observations seen on that day. Sorry about delay in post - this is due to work, and other problems.