50th Post.

We have reached 50 posts.
At the start of the blog, I never thought I would end up bus blogging, as a hobby, and I would end up having a team, with a team of two one of my friends, let alone reach 50 posts. 
(Matt and James has now left the blog)
Here is a little background about how each of us got involved in the blog, and some of our photos.

 Au Morandarte  - Started Blog February 2012

I started the blog as a little thing for my novel, WLTM, as many were interested in my novel. However, I realised that bus blogging was a better option, so I decided to start doing so. I became interested in buses in about 2003, and also bus photography at that time. However, I never took this seriously until about 2007, and influenced by other bus blogs, I decided to make my own blog, which later became a bus blog. 

Here are some of the buses I have taken pictures of:
 Transdev/London United SP206 on Route H91, standing at Hammermith Lower Bus Station, 19/06/10. 
This is probably one of my best photos, I think, mainly because of the sunlight. It is also rare because it was taken when H91 could not stand in the Upper Bus Station
 First London DN33606 on Route E3, Chiswick, 16/11/10. This was taken in noticeable fog.
Metroline DM964 on Route 190, Chiswick/Sutton Court Road, on diversion and short working, 14/04/11.
London General MAL110 on Route 453, Parliament Square, 14/04/11. A modern postcard?
 First London EA11052 on Route 207, Hanwell Broadway, 22/09/11. 
Probably one of my best shots taken, because of the angle it was taken from. It is used as the background for the blog.
London United DPS581 on Route 419, Barnes Bridge Station, 15/11/11.
Abellio 8529 on Route 969, Roehampton Vale, 15/11/11. 
This is one of the last remaining 900-series (or Mobility Bus) routes, and my most local.
Go-Ahead WVL427 on Route 474, Canning Town, 13/02/12. I was on crutches at this point, and the blog had just started at that point.
First London DN33519, Route 607, Ealing Hospital (Hanwell), 23/03/12. 
This was one of many pictures taken on various trips via Hanwell/Southall on certain Fridays.

Line up of buses at Romford Station Terminus, 24/03/12. 
Romford seems to be a place I kind of like, for no reason...
And finally, a shot from an old camera. Transdev SP6, Route 148, Westminster, 17/06/2007
The camera was soon replaced by the one that has taken the rest of the shots.

 James Panaligan  - Joined Blog June 2012, left 11th April 2013

I became part of the blog when Au asked me to do the Citaros for the 227. At the time, I didn't have a camera so I used an iPod for this post. I was also called at an impractical time because I was on the Metropolitan Line, with a bike. So I went home, put my bike away and went to Crystal Palace to do the 227. After that, I got a camera, that enabled me to take better quality pictures for the new buses for the 70, at which point, I was a member of the blog. I did a small amount of posts, and I'm relatively new to bus photography as well, which means my shots aren't that great but managing to take a moving bus going in the opposite direction is, in my opinion, amazing. 

Here are some of my pictures:

My early pictures were taken from an iPod and were horrible quality.
This is Stagecoach 23113 on Route 227 (June 2012)
A Lineup of 211's at Hammersmith (June 2012)

Go Ahead London General HOV1 (OP07 ARE, pun intended) on the 360 (June 2012)

A lineup of buses at Heathrow Central Bus Station (June 2012)

First London VNW32663 on Route 607 at Hanwell (July 2012)

London United DE76 on a rare working on my local route, the 283. (July 2012)

A really rare working, an unidentifiable Marshall taken in July

And instead of my local route, to which they were assigned to, this Versa was on the C1
London United OV50 at Shepherd's Bush (July 2012)

Another rare working.
First DML 41419 on route 228 at White City (June 2012)

Arriva DLA24 as a Driver Instructor bus at Kensington (July 2012).

First WN35004 at Shepherd's Bush, the day before the Olympics (July 2012)
The entire 207 Group of buses (September 2012)
Taken from the ArabFly cable car, a LOCOG bus (September 2012)
And finally,  Go Ahead WVL234 at Holborn on the X68 (August 2012)
Obviously, our blogging styles are different but they still work. My cameras had a differentiating history. I used my iPod for the early pictures but decided to go to cameras. I used my mum's camera for a while until I got another camera, which had a "troubled" history.

James has left the blog due to personal/friendship issues with Au and this is the second person to have left the blog. Out of (now) four.

 Matt  - Joined Blog 28th June 2012 (as a reporter), left 3rd October 2012

I did some bus sightings and reported them to Au which included the strange messages on the iBus and reported of the new buses for the 120. I haven't taken many pictures, and since I don't have a camera, I use my phone. Despite that, my pictures are of a good quality. I also have relatively few pictures, maybe because i'm a reporter for the bus blog. 

A rare destination for the 95, taken at Greenford
Matt has now left the blog, due to personal issues that is undisclosed.

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