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Here's to a happy Friday!

It's more likely to rain rather than snow this Friday, so get the umbrellas. Big retail companies are laughing at the money received from objects bought for this day. Transport for London stop for this Friday. Not us, or indeed National Express (non-stop through Chiswick, grrr), Oxford Bus Company or First Berkshire (shock!) who are running bus/coach services to Heathrow. Yep, flipping SLOUGH gets a better service than the rest of London.

But back to the point, a new TfL bus came along and made us look at the LT again and realise, what if ADL got the contract to build the LTs instead of Wrightbus.

An Icon. And a bus.
Arriva London HA5 on Route 78, Tower Bridge (CC Aubrey)

Mix an LT, an Enviro 200 MMC and an Enviro 400 MMC and you get that.

Speeding to Shoreditch
Arriva London HA4 on Route 78, Tower Hill (© Aubrey)

It rides just like an Enviro 400H, as it is one with a different body cosmetically. Otherwise, it's just like any other Enviro 400MMC.

Enviro 400HCity
Arriva London HA7 on Route 78, Liverpool Street (© Aubrey)

It has opening windows, something the LT should have but doesn't. The staircase is glassed throughout. The rear of the bus is curved, thus giving an Enviro 200MMC rear style feel to the back, with the double window.

Rear of Arriva London HA7 on Route 78, Liverpool Street
Rear of Arriva London HA7 on Route 78, Liverpool Street (© Aubrey)

That double window at the rear does give the upper deck a more brighter feel, when the weather outside is bright.

Rear Upper Deck Window of an Enviro 400H City
(CC Aubrey)

Otherwise, the LT-esque interior complete with moquette with roundels just shows this is ADL's response to the LT.

Arriva London HA6, LK65BZC in Bermondsey on route 78 to Nunhead
Arriva London HA6 on Route 78, Bermondsey (© Jacek)

No fancy fonts, or seats. The poles and moquette may be LT-esque, as well as the front upper deck window and the staircase windows, but otherwise it's just like a normal bus. It's not as fancy, or as restrictive as the LT.
And it isn't as such as a political weapon, even if it does pass near City Hall!

Happy Friday!
Arriva London HA7 on Route 78, Tower Bridge Road/Druid Street (© Aubrey)

Overall, it seems just like a glorified Enviro 400 MMC, if I'm honest. With the blind box set a tad too high. Great advantage is that it's just like another bus, and the hybrid system actually works!

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