Hybrid Top-Ups

Routes 65 and 183 have been subject to increases and therefore, top-ups. This means that an add-on to the batch of Volvo B5LH/Gemini 3s for the 85 has been delivered for both these routes. However, they do stray and are seen elsewhere:

VH on Route 267
London United VH45184 on Route 267, Gunnersbury Station (© Aubrey)

The second outing (according to LVF) and the first photographed outing of a VH on the 267. It joins similar buses (with a slightly different front) that stray from the 285 on the H91.

London United VH45184 on Route 65, Kingston
London United VH45184 on Route 65, Kingston (© Aubrey)

Ordered for the 65 to supplement a PVR increase (and a frequency increase to every 6 minutes (finally)), the VHs bring a less vibrating bus onto the 65. The contract renewal was the 2nd July, and these buses entered service on the morning of that day. Although currently, the 65 is diverted the long way round via Teddington as the road through Ham is blocked. Roadworks mean that there are several temporary routes, and the 371 doesn't run.
A full length ride (before the route was diverted) on the 65 showed that the buses tackled the various inclines on the route very well.

London Sovereign VH45194 on Route N13, Piccadilly Circus
London Sovereign VH45194 on Route N13, Piccadilly Circus (© Aubrey)

These Gemini 3s debuted on the 13, although it is a mystery why these buses actually came to London Sovereign. Some say to oust some SPs for the H14 decking, others say these are diverted buses from the 72 (which makes sense as Hammersmith Bridge is taking an age to be closed and be repaired) and others say these are simply for the 183 increase. Either way, some of these buses have started running on the 13/N13.

London Sovereign VH45188 on Route 13, Golders Green
London Sovereign VH45188 on Route 13, Golders Green (© Aubrey)

Also, there have been some London United (from Shepherd's Bush) buses that have moved over temporarily to the BT routes. Ironically, they have strayed onto the 114, of all routes!

Everything's Alwright
London Sovereign VH45159 on Route 114, Ruislip Station (© Lewis)

The 114 will be moved to Uxbridge under Metroline (using very similar buses) from the 3rd September 2016, but that'll be covered in more detail later on in a different post.

London Sovereign VH45158 on Route 114, Harrow (© Lewis)

It's a scattering of hybrids mainly to top-up on existing routes with RATP. Lovely.

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