New-ish Buses on Route 607 31/03/12 and 03/04/12

Both trips were of not much purpose, rather an afterthought before getting home from other places. Yet, I got to see both of the new-ish buses on Route 607, DNs ex-Route 23 and VNWs ex-Route 150.

Shots from 31/03/12:

 First London DN33515 (LK08 FMY), Ealing Common Station
 Various interior shots of DN33515. It also shows how much of a dirty state the new-ish buses get so quickly on Route 607...
First London DN33513 (LK08 FMV), Hanwell Broadway
Here are the shots from 03/04/12: 
 First London DN33512 (LK08 FMU), Southall Town Hall
First London VNW32665 (LK55 AAX), Southall Town Hall

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