Route X26 with Quality Line, 17/04/12

Because of work during the weekend, I decided to instead cover the X26 during the week. It is now being run by Citaros of Quality Line/Epsom Coaches, but, I saw a rare working - Optare Versa. This was something I couldn't take a photo of because I was taking a video of a 111 journey into Heathrow Central. However, I got a still from the video, and here is the Versa on X26:

Sorry about the extreme low quality - it had just rained (again) and the window was wet. Also, it was on a video mode, so quality there is also down. Anyway, (barely readable), the blind display shows: West Croydon X26 and it is a Versa, so a rare working found at Heathrow Central.

After waiting thirty minutes for another X26, here is the usual order of X26: Citaros.

 Epsom Coaches/Quality Line MCL16 (BN12 EOY) on Route X26, Heathrow Central
 Epsom Coaches promoting their own tours on their own buses run by TfL. Different... 
 Just shows how popular the route is. First stop and nearly all seats filled.
 And so is the metal luggage rack.
 Wheelchair area of MCL16.
 Behind the driver's cab are a few notices. One shows that it is not part of Heathrow Freeflow. The other is a notice from the operator about the service. It's only a London Bus service...
 Epsom Coaches MCL16 at Hatton Cross
Rear of MCL16 at Hatton Cross


  1. Somehow, the last pic makes it look like a Bendy bus.

  2. James - lol, I never recognised that until you told me! An Enviro/Citaro bendy hybrid would look a bit odd! (sorry about long time to reply)


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