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Metrobus Marshall
Metrobus 143 on Route R4, Orpington Station (23/02/13) (© Aubrey)

Route R4 is one of the Orpington Roundabout routes, being introduced in August 1986 between Locksbottom and Pauls Cray Hill. It started initially with the usual minibuses (RHs) on a Monday-Saturday basis. In 1993, the minibuses were replaced (by FMs) and in 1995, practically the whole Roundabout network passed to Centrewest. Centrewest was later bought by First, and gained new low floor buses in 1999. The route was diverted via Ramsden Estate in 2001, and was extended to the Princess Royal Hospital in 2004 from Locksbottom. The route has since had its Marshall Capital bodied Darts replaced by various other short buses in their fleet.

Initially a 51 reg bus, LT02 ZDS was new to First Centrewest (Orpington Buses). It unceremoniously stayed at Orpington (Y) until August 2004 when it transferred temporarily for 3 months to Hackney Wick Garage (H). It was renumbered into the First national scheme thus from DMS463 to DMS41463. Metrobus took over the operations of Orpington Garage in December 2007, and took on these buses, thus this bus was renumbered to 143. It transferred to Rainham (Blue Triangle BE) in January 2014 before moving to Putney temporarily for the 424 split due to Putney Bridge being shut:

London General 143 on Route 424 S, Putney High Street
London General 143 on Route 424 S, Putney High Street (15/07/14) (CC Aubrey)

It moved to Northumberland Park in December 2014, and lasted there running mainly on the W4 until August 2015.

It hasn't been seen since, and may be being disposed.

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