Route 382 to Metroline

On Saturday 15th July 2017, Arriva London lost route 382 to Metroline. The route runs from Millbrook Park in Mill Hill East to Southgate Station.
The change in operator also saw the welcome of two door buses onto the route, with Metroline's DEM class of 9.6m Enviro 200s, replacing Arriva London's EN class of 8.9m E200s.

EN1 picks up in Milbrook Park 26/05/17
© Tommy Cooling

EN4 arrives at Milbrook Park 26/05/17
© Tommy Cooling

Route 382 was able to be operated with the existing class of DEM E200 vehicles with most made spare by a frequency reduction on route 384. The cover the total requirement, three DEMs from Alperton made the transfer to Potters Bar outside the M25, and DEM1916 is one of them.

DEM1916 blinded for route 382 prior to the take over the following weekend 13/07/17
© Tommy Cooling

DEM1339 passes Mill Hill East station heading towards Southgate Station 29/07/17
© Tommy Cooling

DEM1356 enters Milbrook Park in Mill Hill East 29/07/17
© Tommy Cooling

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