Temporary New Buses on the 70

Route 70 moved from Tower Transit to London United from 24th June 2017, with new Enviro 200MMCs from Shepherd's Bush Garage.

London United takes the 70
London United DLE30053 on Route 70, Chiswick Business Park (© Aubrey)

Route 70 has only been going to Chiswick Business Park for just over a year, after numerous delays over the building of a new office block taking the stand of the 70 away temporarily, as well as the fitting of a new bus stop at Bollo Lane. But once all those were taken care of, the 70 was only extended in January 2016. Tower Transit thus only ran the 70 in its present form for about a year and a half. Thus this operator change removes yet another non-London United or Metroline operator from Chiswick, with the last of those being NCP Challenger/NSL Services back in 2009.

70 United
London United DLE30058 on Route 70, Bollo Lane (© Aubrey)

Initially, for the new contract, new electric buses were intended for the 70 and C1. Unfortunately, like many recent changes for London United recently, this has been delayed, so these Euro 6 diesel buses will do for the moment.

Chiswick, GROVE PARK
London United DE20103 on Route 272, Chiswick Town Hall (© Aubrey)

There is not enough space at Shepherd's Bush for the 70, so in order to fit the 70 in, the 272 had to move from Shepherd's Bush back to Stamford Brook. Space was made there by the frequency reduction of the E3, as patronage has gone down in recent years.
New blinds were fitted to the existing Enviro 200s at Shepherd's Bush, but not the Darts. Indeed, an E200 from the C1 batch has already strayed onto the 70.

London United DLE30056 on Route 70, Notting Hill Gate
London United DLE30056 on Route 70, Notting Hill Gate (© Aubrey)

Initial rides on the new DLEs for the 70 seem positive, with the service running decently for the first few days. The temporary allocation has already been partially allocated, with the H22 to get some of these buses for its new contract, obviously once the new electric BYD buses arrive for the 70/C1.

London United DLE30056 on Route 70, South Kensington
London United DLE30056 on Route 70, South Kensington (© Aubrey)

Overall, the 70 has settled so far fairly decently at London United, and hopefully the 70 will continue to do well under London United. Eventually, when the electric buses arrive for the 70/C1, they will make both routes even more compliant with the low emission corridor of Uxbridge Road and Shepherd's Bush.
The Chiswick Business Park section of the 70 is now well used, as an update from last year, when the route was extended.

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