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Arriva-TGM 1632 on Route E10, Ealing Broadway Haven Green
Arriva-TGM 1632 on Route E10, Ealing Broadway, 26/09/2015
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As Route E10 turns to London United on the 9th December 2017, the route has undergone only one operator change dictated by contract. All other times has been due to novation, or the operator being bought out.

The route was created in 1997 to replace the Smith's Farm spur of Route E9, and part of Route E4, running between Smiths Farm and Ealing Broadway. Based at Greenford (G) with Centrewest (later First), the new route used Mercedes Benz 811D minibuses. A low floor conversion in 2001 gained it 8.8m Dennis Dart/Marshall Capital (DMS) buses, and an extension to Northolt, Islip Manor. In 2002, new Route E11 replaced E10 between Greenford and Ealing, with the E10 taking a new direct route between the two places. 2009 saw the introduction of Enviro 200s to the route. The 22nd June 2013 sale of First Centrewest to (mainly) Metroline saw the route pass to Metroline West, before being lost by them to Tellings Golden-Miller on 31st May 2014. During this time, the E10 was mooted to gain an extension to Chiswick Business Park, but due to two councils not agreeing on how a bus can turn right, the 70 was extended instead. As part of the Arriva group, the Euro 6 Enviro 200s gained Arriva branding, and weirdly had Traveline stickers on them.

Sooner or later, the Enviros needed more than just the ordered spares, so Dartford provided extra buses, which included this example. PDL137 (1632 at this time)/SN06BPE started out as 1624 for Route 162 in Dartford (DT). In March 2011, the bus covered routes revoked from Countryliner at Guildford, after the 162 was lost to Metrobus. Due to this loss, the buses were redundant in Dartford, so they moved to Lea Valley (LV) for the 192, 318, 379, 382 and W6.

London General PDL137 on Route 192, Tottenham Hale
London General PDL137 on Route 192, Tottenham Hale, 24/01/2015
(© Aubrey)

PDL137 was one of a select few that moved to London General at Northumberland Park (NP) for use on Route 192 as the new Streetlites did not arrive until then. Once the Streetlites arrived in January-February 2015, the bus moved into store at Edmonton, before moved to Heathrow (HE) for the E10. The bus has since stayed at Heathrow, with intermittent spells at Dartford too until October 2016. Since then, the bus has been repainted and is now a training bus.

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