Branding Hayes

Following on from the route branding trial in Barkingside over summer 2017, Hayes became TfL's next target area to splash some colour over. An area with declining bus passenger usage, and an area soon to become home to Crossrail, TfL's idea is to brand the routes that traverse through Hayes to get people back onto the bus in time to draw them into Crossrail from late 2018/2019.
This branding has been applied on routes; 90, 140, 195, 350, 427, 607, A10, E6, H98, U4, U5 & U7.
Unlike the Barkingside trial, the Hayes scheme only features the route's "via points" on the near-side and rear of the bus, and the splashes of colour merely confined to these, and the Route number and frequency stickers. In addition to this, only around 25% of each route's allocation is being branded [cost saving], whereas Barkingside has 75% of each route.
TfL's poor current state of affairs is plain to see from this scheme with incorrect branding on no fewer than three of the twelve routes, with grammatical errors, and very questionable via points on others. Just to summarise these:
- the advertised frequencies on routes 350, E6 and U4 are incorrect following TfL's frequency cutbacks
- capital "B" but lowercase "s" in "Bus station"
- intu Uxbridge and Intu Uxbridge [a shopping centre]
- large parts of routes not showing, 140 nothing between Harrow & Hayes, or 427/ 607 Ealing & Uxbridge (no via point in the Hayes area!)
- use of Lake Farm country Park over Stockley Business Park [main purpose of the A10 route!]

Route 90
VW1176 with branding for Route 90 showing the front and side attempts.
© Tommy Cooling

VW1176 showing the side and rear Route 90 branding.
© Tommy Cooling
VW1176 passing Hayes ASDA showing off  the Hayes branding.
© Tommy Cooling

Route 140

VWH2237 passes the Lombardy Retail Park in Hayes showing the branding for Route 140.
© Tommy Cooling

In detail view of the side branding on VWH2237.
© Tommy Cooling

View of the rear Route 140 branding.
© Tommy Cooling

VWH2237 showing of the branding in Hayes Town Centre.
© Tommy Cooling

Route 195

Abellio 8876 showing the Route 195 branding in Hayes.
© Tommy Cooling

Route 350

Abellio 8894 showing the branding for Route 350 by Hayes ASDA.
© Tommy Cooling

Side-on view of the Route 350 branding.
© Tommy Cooling

Route 427

Abellio 2552 showing the Route 427 branding in Hillingdon Heath.
© Tommy Cooling

Route 607

Metroline VW1570 showing the Route 607 branding on the approach to Hayes By-Pass.
© Tommy Cooling

A view of the rear Route 607 branding attempts on VW1570.
© Tommy Cooling

Route Al0

Metroline DE1585 in Hillingdon Heath showing the Route A10 branding.
© Tommy Cooling

Route H98

London United DLE3001 showing, what looks like incomplete, H98 branding in Hayes Town.
© Tommy Cooling

The rear view of the H98 branding.
© Tommy Cooling

Route E6

Metroline DE1911 showing the E6 branding in Greenford.
© Tommy Cooling

The rear of the E6 branding.
© Tommy Cooling

The E6 branding is currently missing the route number & frequency stickers which are being replaced due to TfL errors.
© Tommy Cooling

Route U4

Metroline TE1573 showing the Route U4 branding in Hayes.
© Tommy Cooling

Metroline TE1573 showing the front and side branding attempts for the U4.
© Tommy Cooling

The rear view of the Route U4 branding.
© Tommy Cooling

Route U5

Abellio 2579 showing the Route U5 branding in Hayes.
© Tommy Cooling

Route U7

Abellio 8570 showing the Route U7 branding at Hayes Sainsbury's.
© Tommy Cooling

Off the beaten track

VWH2188 showing off the 140 branding whilst in Cricklewood on Route 182!
© Tommy Cooling

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