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Saturday 3rd February 2018 was a very busy day in London with no fewer than six routes changing operator on the same day; 153, 299, 343/N343, B14 and W4.

This mini-post though covers the operator change on route 153 which saw Go-Ahead's third batch of E200 BYD electric single deckers come into service.

The route, from Finsbury Park to Moorgate used to be operated by CT Plus from Ash Grove with a fleet of generic E200 single decks. The tender announcement for this route was cobbled together with routes 46, 214 and 274, which were all being tendered for as electric routes, but with varying start dates. The 153 start date came first, with the 46 & 274 (awarded hybrid double decks) in June 2018, and the 214 in summer 2019.

Go-Ahead's 153 10.8m electrics, SEe65-76, are based at Northumberland Park, as will the 214 and its SEes from 2019.

Go-Ahead SEe66 arrives at Finsbury Park displaying the latest version of the "Finsbury Park" blind display.
© Tommy Cooling

Go-Ahead SEe67 leaves Finsbury Park heading towards Moorgate on the 153.
© Tommy Cooling

SEe66 picking up at Finsbury Park Station Interchange.
© Tommy Cooling

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