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Last Coventry BendiBus
The last Coventry BendiBus, for the last time. (20/03/2018)
(© Aubrey Morandarte)

On the 20th March 2018, Coventry saw its last articulated bus, as 6021 rolled into Coventry Garage at about 6:30pm after doing a run on Route 4.

Articulated buses started out in May 2003, with these Citaros running then route 27 between Coventry Station and Walsgrave, University Hospital. Older Mercedes-Benz O405GN transferred from Travel West Midlands also ran on the 21 from 2004. Those buses had ran on the 67 in Birmingham from 1999, and were replaced by Scania N94UAs. In 2011, the older bendy buses were replaced with Enviro 400s on Route 21, leaving the Citaros to continue running on the 27. In 2012, the 27 was rerouted at Coventry City Centre to run to Arena Park, and renumbered 4.

Bendy at Night
NX Coventry 6018 on Route 4, Pool Meadow, 30/10/2015
(© Aubrey Morandarte)

The buses soon gained National Express Coventry names and continued on the branded Route 4 until 2018, when the last "bendibus" ran on the 4. Replacement of these buses are existing double deckers from within the National Express West Midlands umbrella, most of which are ironically older than the Citaros.

Round A Bend
NX Coventry 6018 on Route 4, Pool Meadow, 02/09/2015
(© Aubrey Morandarte)

6021 itself started out as a Travel West Midlands bus, operating on the 67. However, it moved along with the O405GN2s to Coventry in 2004 where it ran mainly on the 21, then the 27/4. It will be sold for scrap.

NX Coventry 6021, Coventry Pool Meadow
6021 entering Coventry Garage for the last time.
(© Aubrey Morandarte)

Last Coventry BendiBus
A load of transport enthusiasts film/take photos of 6021 as it enters the bus garage.
(© Aubrey Morandarte)

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