Chiswick Observations 2008-2013 (1st Year Post 1)

The Blog is one year old. Literally

Also the 80th post, although this isn't celebrated. This is post one of three.

Last year, on the 13th February 2012, I walked on my crutches and told about a Watford, Harrow and Canning Town trip I did. The first bus thing I covered on the blog was the temporary route 541. Now, it has morphed into this. The experience has been a roller-coaster (personal) from having just me, to having Matt as a reporter and friend James as a blogger, our 50th post, then Matt leaving the blog for personal reasons before settling with me and James.

The irony: I met James through Matt. Without Matt, I would never had met James.

Something more local for a change, in my case. One of the areas I consider local personally is Chiswick (the other is Romford, for totally different reasons), I rarely do much things about my locality as I always seem to go as far as possible away from it. Some photos aren't local, but that's because I don't have photos of them IN Chiswick.

Sorry about the quality of some photos, as they come from my early photos, which include some shots taken from a van or car...

This is a massive post, so here it goes:

The first few pictures were taken from a poor camera (compared to my current one):

Transdev/London United DPS682 on Route 391, 27/05/08. Duck Bus livery here for the 283, which would be lost to NCP, then regained by Transdev buying them. Woolworths still existed back then!

Transdev DP15 on Route H91, 27/05/08.
This bus was one of the few with air conditioning that never worked... The seats were good, and H91 followed where the 440 goes now in Gunnersbury (part of Chiswick).

Transdev DPS1 on Route 391, 27/05/08.
This bus was ordered for Route 72, and by this time, was moved to V for 391. Blind says Sainsbury's, which is actually Sands End.

NCP Challenger ADL27 on Route 440, Turnham Green.
440 was diverted from Stamford Brook Bus Garage to here. NCP became NSL Services before being bought by Transdev.

Metroline TA638 on Route 237, 27/05/08
Route 237 had DTs when Armchair was bought by Metroline, but these went off lease and these temporarily came in from the 266 (and W).

Yes, I know this is Hammersmith, but 190 serves Chiswick....
Metroline DLD73 on Route 190, 11/04/07.
This was one of many buses that transferred to Brentford when Armchair was bought by Metroline.

Yes, I know this is East Acton, but 272 serves Chiswick...
Transdev DPK622 on Route 272, 08/04/07
London United soon lost 272 to NCP/NSL, then regained it by buying them out. These were small buses, and 272 is now popular enough to warrant 10.1/2m buses, instead of these 8.8m buses. Nimble.

All photos from now are taken by the better Sony camera I have:

DSC00117 - Edited
First TN33144 on Route E3, 22/11/08
First soon replaced these TNs (Trident/Northern Counties is what it probably means. Plaxton bought out Northern Counties...) with DNs (the N now means double decker...). This was taken from a car, and has been edited to remove most of the dashboard. In 2008, I never knew I would run a bus blog, so I didn't think I'd be using this, but as it is the only photo of a TN on the E3 I had, I had to put it there...

Transdev TA216 on Route 267, 25/07/09
Tridents were commonplace on the 267 before the SLEs. They still do make rare appearances still though.

Metroline DP1046 on Route 190, 25/07/09
This was taken from inside a van... Anyway, these were soon swept away by the DEs now commonplace. And DMs. Also note the short working to Hammersmith.

Transdev DPS516 on Route H91, 25/07/09
This batch of DPSs were for the 33, originally. This moved to HH for the H91 (to replace Dennis Lance SLFs. Who remembers them? I do. Was I the only one who ever liked them?), along with DPs from the 49..

Metroline TP393 on Route 237, 25/07/09
This was one of the TPs that were transferred to Brentford from HT(?)

Transdev OV8 on Route 391, 25/07/09
This is on a short working to North End Road, Lille Road. This was quite a close shot from a van...

Sutton Court Road, both buses.
First DN33596 (E3) and NSL or London Sovereign ADL27 (272), 19/06/10
The 272 was formed from the H40 southern end. The E3 now had the DNs and the NCP logos were taken off. I am not sure if Transdev bought NSL yet at that time.

Transdev SLE55 on Route 27, 19/06/10
Route 27 used to terminate at Turnham Green, meaning for connections to other buses, people used to get off mostly at this bus stop.

Transdev SLE9 on Route 267, 19/06/10
The older SLEs for the 267 were ordered by London United before the brand was removed (of London United).

Transdev VLE19 on Route 27, 19/06/10
This is on a driver change at Stamford Brook Garage, formerly the Chiswick Tram Depot. Odd workings of the VLEs are actually normal.

Metroline DM964 on Route 190, 19/06/10
These MCVs run the 190 now, fairly new back then. The 190 runs on quite a low frequency compared to other routes that run Lillie Road-Richmond (i.e. 391)

First DN33606 on Route E3, 16/11/10
This has featured on the 50th Post, where there were three members of the blog. The fog was quite extensive that day...

First DN33581 on Route E3, 16/12/10
Snow, fresh snow.

Transdev SDE17 on Route 272, 26/02/11
The Transdev fleetnames had come on these buses now. This bus is originally for the E11, and rarely appeared on the 272. Only picture of a SDE on the 272 that I have, unfortunately

Transdev ADH5 on Route 94, 26/02/11
These Enviro 400H are to replace the TLAs in part. These are good buses in my opinion, and there are more ADHs now in Chiswick.

Transdev DE105 on Route 272, 03/04/11
Transdev won the C1 and got this batch of buses. This bus can run on the 272, as it has transferred with C1 to S. This the the only photo I have of a C1 bus on the 272, whilst under London Sovereign

Transdev DE92, on Route 440, 03/04/11
This bus, I can't explain why NSL got this extra bus. Anyway, it is now here to stay, and is based at S now, so it cannot run the 440 anymore. It also shows that by this time, it had been extended to Power Road. This is the only photo I have of DE92 on the 440...

London United OV10 on Route 391, 10/04/11
London United reappears on the buses, as RATPDev get London United, and is now London United/RATP.

London United SLE46 on Route 27, 10/04/11
Here it is, the Turnham Green stand of the 27. Heavy buses over the years meant that the road surface is sinking on the stand. It is in front of a post office. Now the stand is left not in use. Yes, I know the tree is in the way, but I wanted to show the full stand that the 27 used to have. Sometimes, the buses stood on the side of the road behind me.

Metroline VW1063 on Route 237, 12/06/11
These are from the E2 batch of buses and are interlinked with its own batch. They are bought to replace TEs which moved to W at first.

London United SP64 on Route 267, 12/06/11
These SPs are supposed to stay on the 65, I think. Some unfortunately stray onto the 267, as shown. They should stay on the 65...

London United DE84 on Route 272, 14/06/11
The operator circle goes back to London United. It now operates the 272 again. And as shown, DE84 used to be an ADL...

Metroline DM964 on Route 190, 14/06/11
This bus is on diversion via Sutton Court Road due to roadworks. Double whammy of a rare sight as the bus is short to Chiswick Edensor Road. E3 anyone?

Yes, E3. But this is at Acton.
First DN33587 (SN09 CEX) on Route E3, 18/06/11
This bus seems to always be playing tricks and a joke due to it's number plate. I like it though. In my novels, this is TEN69 after L1/Group Buses gets this...

London United TLA20 on Route 267, 30/04/11.
The TLAs moved to FW from S as the 94 got ADHs. Some have since moved to HH for the 635 and H91. Ironically. Only photo of a TLA on the 267.

Not always buses
Berry's Superfast runs past Chiswick on the A4. WA07 BCV of Berry's Coaches, 30/04/11.
Odd one of the many coaches, as it terminates in Hammersmith Bus Station. London Hammersmith, anyone?

London United ADH9 on Route 94, 15/05/11
London United logos had by now swept onto the ADHs.

Often, rail replacement passes Chiswick as the Piccadilly/District shared track may have engineering works.
First VN37920 is such one, 30/05/11 was one of many weekends that has closed that line.

National Express coaches go past Chiswick as well.
National Express FJ60 HYD on Route 032, 11/06/11
This route runs from Bournemouth and terminates at the more conventional Victoria Coach Station.

First DN33543 on Route E3, 11/06/11
This was one of many transferred from somewhere. I do not know where, but it has moved on now...

London United SP150 at Stamford Brook Garage, 30/06/11
This bus shows various blinds. Destination, probably for the 49, a short working. This is one of the buses for the 10.

London United VLE18 on Route 27, 21/07/11
Some drivers standed on Chiswick High Road and went via this way to the first stop, instead of parking outside the post office. I do not know why, but mainly due to stand crowding.

London United VLE13 on Route 391, 07/10/11
This is a rare working as VLEs are not normally allocated to the route, yet this is partly commonplace. The destination blind setting is useless, as South Kensington is not served by the 391, and is behind the bus.
Yes, I know this isn't Chiswick, but I don't have any other OV photos on the 272.
London United OV53 on Route 272
This bus was ordered by NSL for the 283, but strayed to the 272 at times, until 272 moved to S. James would know more about these buses, but they seem a bit better to the current OVs on the 391 (as these are slightly newer and better)...

Metroline VW1041 on Route 237, 15/11/11
A bus ordered for the 237, so the right batch for the right route. Times are getting darker...

Now this IS rare.
London United TA334 on Route 391, 26/12/11
Boxing Day, tube strike. So FW add extras to the 391. This is one of them. And it is short to Hammersmith.

London United TA214 on Route 391, 26/12/11
This bus is actually being run from Fulwell, as extras.

Ensignbus 123 on Rail Replacement, 26/12/11
Ensignbus regularly does RR work, and this is one of the times they have visited Chiswick.

The M4 closure led to this:
National Express FJ57 KGF on Route 040, 26/12/11
The M4 was shut Junctions 1-3 due to bridge structure cracks near Boston Manor Road, so coaches were sometimes diverted via Chiswick High Road, leading to this.

London United ADH1 on Route H91, 26/12/11
This bus has run on the 482, and seen on the H91. It revolves around Chiswick as it soon operates on the 94, before settling on the 27, roaming the same Chiswick streets as the H91.

Royale European RE06 JAK on HEX replacement, 26/12/11
Heathrow Express was shut that day, so coaches came in to replace the trains. This was one of the coaches used.

Coaches Excetera PVL200 on SWT replacement, 02/01/12
Sometimes, the Hounslow Loop needs replacing, so these buses stop at Chiswick NR. Coaches may be used at times.

Atbus AV30 on SWT replacement, 02/12/12
This bus used to be with Metroline, working the 260 and 266. It now goes on rail replacement at Chiswick NR.

Metroline VW1050 (237), London United DE88 (440), 14/03/12
After the crutches saga, this is the scene of Chiswick buses even now. Not much has changed until recently.

A National Express coach was painted pink for cancer research. Here is that coach on route 445, 24/03/12

This has also featured on the blog previously, on Night Buses at Dawn.
London United SP48 on the N9, 10/06/12
The N9 is one of my favourite bus routes, oddly. The local night bus at dawn. Not much has changed, except the Terminal 5 extension, and the SPs instead of the VP/VAs.

London United DPS539 on Route 391, 07/07/12
(I know about the date. RIP)
This bus was ordered for Tolworth routes, mainly. This bus had moved for the 391, for reasons I do not know.

London United SP190 on Route N9
London United SP190 on Route N9, 19/07/12
The bus to the airport. Another time where the N9 was the use of bus to get me to Heathrow for a flight.

First DN33576 on Route E3, 28/08/12.
The bus has incorrect route number blind display, as it is obviously not supposed to be blank.
London United VLE2 on Route 27, 10/11/12
This bus is at the end of the recent extension of the route to Chiswick Business Park. Planned for years, and the short extension only occurs in November..

London United SLE55 on Route 27, 10/11/12
This shows the route blind for the 27, now extended to the Chiswick Business Park, formerly Chiswick Works of LT.

London United SLE9 on Route 267, 08/12/12
This is after the intra-blog feud. This bus is on iPod livery and shows the short lived advert it carried. It has now been taken off lease.

London United ADH16 on test, 21/12/12
This bus is probably on test for the Route 27, as it would soon get its own ADHs, which have been covered.

London United VLE18 on Route 27, 29/12/12
The iPod livery again on display, on a VLE on the 27, again the VLE is supposed to be on the 9. Ordered back in 2004, almost 10 years old and still running.

Sullivan Buses TPL927 on Rail Replacement, 06/01/13
This bus is normally used for JFS school routes, but is commonly used on rail replacement work at the weekends.

Metroline VW1071 on Route 190, 12/01/13
Double deckers can appear on the 190, at times. This is a rare working. However, this was commonplace during the Olympics, oddly.

Route H91 London United TA216
I know this is not Chiswick but Hammersmith, but I do not have any like this.
London United TA216 on Route H91, 14/01/13
These used to be based in FW, and are still, eventually. The TLAs are supposed to be on the H91 instead, as this is the journey from the 635 working.

London United SP203 on Route H91, 19/01/13
The snow arrives and leaves this. Pretty, isn't it...

London United SLE10 on Route 391, 19/01/13
This is a rare working as normally, if any double deckers go on the 391 it is VLEs. SLEs are less common. Behind is an Abellio Trident on rail replacement.

London United ADH1 on Route 27, 19/01/13
This bus is now on its permanent route, so far. From the 482, H91 and 94 to V and the 27. The current new ADHs don't even have any Hybrid notification.

London United SLE17 on Route 27, 20/01/13
The snow became much heavier, and led to this. This 27 showing the wrong blind (Turnham Green, it should be...) and it is standing away from the old stand.

London United DPS624 on Route 272, 20/01/13
The humble DPS, used in the 272 before it moved to NCP in 2007, now returns back to the old routes, with a refurbishment.

Sullivan VP113 on Rail Replacement, 20/01/13
This VP used to run the 111, H32, 81, 222, N9 etc from AV, before being sold off by London United. Replaced by ADEs, it seems... Or SPs. I grew up with these buses living in Hounslow back when I was very young. Ironically, it was the Hounslow Open Day in 2003 when I became a

London United ADH23 on Route 27, 26/01/13
One of the newest buses to use Chiswick, Route 27 has gotten ADHs that have that distinctive rubber smell in them. Seen on the 27 New Buses post. I prefer these over any SP or SLE. Or VLE, for that matter.

London United VA72 on Route 267, 26/01/13
These were ordered in 2000 for the 220 and some more was ordered for the 111 around then. Overall, the VA has then moved to FW for refurbishment floats. This bus has TA blinds on it.

First DN33587 (SN09 CEX) on Route E3, 10/02/13
The rail replacement services are operated by those who have any free buses, to be honest. This bus is based in Greenford and can/normally runs the E3. This bus was indeed ordered for the E1/E3 for replacement of the TNs

London United TLA18 on Route 94, 09/02/13
This picture was taken in White City, but I don't have a picture of one in Chiswick, oddly. The TLA was bought for the 94 to replace RM/RMLs back in 2004. That seems a long time ago now, Routemasters roaming the streets. Now almost 10 years on, these TLAs have been mostly replaced on the 94 by ADHs and some have moved to HH for use on the 635 and H91.

National Express 328 on Route 035, 10/02/13
The 035 to Poole and Bournemouth is another coach route that goes past Chiswick. This also stops at Hammersmith. Caetano Levante coaches were the standard Nat Ex coaches until fairly recently.

Stagecoach 50236 on Route M10, 10/02/13
The Megabus services also go past Chiswick enroute to London Victoria. The low cost coach division of Stagecoach Group has become quite popular because of the £1 + 50p booking fee fares. It now demands new, modern coaches nowadays.

Golden Tours 104 not in service, 09/02/13
Golden Tours and Metroline use the A4 as a dead run to and from their garages, therefore their buses pass Chiswick. Metroline use the road mainly for Routes 209/609 and 190 dead runs.

And finally:
First Berkshire 37275 on Route 702, 09/02/13
The 702 is a coach route operated by these buses. The Green Line branding applies here. Green Line used to be a brand of London Transport, before keeping its name whilst passing to NBC. The brand is now used on coaches to Luton (757 group), Slough (701/702) and the 724.

The next post in the 1st Year series will be tomorrow, covering James' White City.


  1. Great post DN33587 Is at Hayes when it was on rail

    1. Apparently not. DN33587 was in service on E3 yesterday and is in service today on the E3. Maybe it was temporarily there for the day...

  2. Great Post! Cant wait for the second post and congratulations for reaching the blog's first birthday! When will 94 turn into a full ADH allocation, do you know?

    1. I don't know if or when 94 will get a full ADH allocation. Thanks :)

  3. Hi btw DPS539 is now with Quality Line as SDL1 for 560.


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