White City/Shepherd's Bush Observations 2012-2013 (1st Year Post 2)

The Blog is one year old. And one day.

Also the 81st post, although this isn't celebrated. This is post two of three.

James here with part two of the birthday posts series. This talks about my observations around my area of Shepherd's Bush and White City. I've only became interested in bus blogging when I met Au but was somehow interested in transport and buses beforehand (Wikipedia, I know!). I've only done proper trips from early 2012, using my iPod and taking pictures of the sights on the way. Then I started imitating Au's way of blogging with my own blog, even doing some international subjects but then I used that for random stories (now hardly used).

Back to buses, I initially used my iPod, evident on the 227 post, then I used a Nikon and for a period, a Sony camera before getting a Sony SLT-A37. Some Nikon-age pictures have gone, as my SD card was stolen by 'technicians' from school as I used it as my USB for my laptop. Here are some pictures from my area, which may include some Nikon-era pictures.

My local route, the 283, and with it's normal bus, the Optare Versa. This is in the Nikon age.

The 228 is a recent route, introduced when Westfield Opened, to link "Cent Middx Hosp" with Maida Vale. This is in the Nikon age, despite the aspect ratio.

Remember these? Now London United hire them to people for events like weddings. This is in the Nikon age, despite the aspect ratio.

Hanwell, yes, but it runs through White City (if not terminating there) and Shepherd's Bush. Taken at Hanwell with Au and Matt. This is in the Nikon age.

DEs do stray onto the 283, when the 272/440/C1 were still at Park Royal. This is in the Nikon age.

These are one of the older Metroline DEs, noted as it has the blue skirt still. These do stray onto the 316 at times. This is in the Nikon age.

This may never happen again, as the Marshalls may have gone by now. This is in the Nikon age.

This will certainly never happen again, as this bus is a C1 batch, and they have moved on, to Shepherd's Bush Garage in fact. This is in the Nikon age.

So won't this. In fact, this is a reverse to the above picture. A 283 bus on the C1. This is in the Nikon age.
My Next Bus...
This was before I even joined the blog. I can't tell what bus this was so I 'm very confused. Sony camera.
These pictures were taken from an iPod and aren't that great. This will deviate from West London to illustrate a bit of history and some beserk tries of blogging in other parts of the UK.
My only really early iPod proper bus picture. Taken on my bike and didn't bother to zoom as it was horrible.
A nod back to the 227 post, this was my first serious covering of new buses. Stagecoach 23113 on Route 227
I still use the iPod as a backup camera when I don't have one in person. London United ADE 53 on the 220.
Even I used it in Bournemouth. to experiment with other buses. Wilts & Dorset / more Bus 1401 on Route 50.
Way out from Shepherd's Bush and White City but sister company of London United, MD492 on Yellow Buses Route 18, taken from iPod.
These later pictures go back to my area but are taken with my Sony DSLR. These have a distinct blur near the top, for some reason.
White City Observations
A modern 220 (YX62 BPZ) goes along the BBC demonstrating the blur that my camera has
White City Observations
A slightly odd working on the 228 as usually these would have in small: 'The Chippenham' but it doesn't. YX58 HVB at Wood Lane and demonstrating how daft my autofocus could be
White City Observations
The Green has roadworks so buses are diverted along White City/Wood Lane/A3220. These 148 buses (SN53 KHW/TLA 21 and YN08 MRU/SP 34) are Not in Service at Ariel Way.
White City Observations
Further Demonstrating the blur on the top of the frame. SP34 (YN08 MRU) terminating at White City
White City Observations
A lineup of OmniCitys on Route 207 at White City, by far the most uncomfortable bus ever made, in terms to Suspension.
My camera has a 18-55mm lens, meaning zooms aren't as big as they should be, or my reaction times can be too early or late.
But sometimes, shots can be good, as demonstrated here. ADE72 on the 220 at Shepherd's Bush
Eight in the morning, back on the 283, YJ58 PHZ/OV51 taken outside near my estate.

The next post will cover Hanwell and Southall, where Matt resides and is frequented by Au.


  1. I had saw all the pictures you shared of your area which may include some Nikon-era pictures.And I must say they are really nice.It includes both single and double floor bus..

  2. Great Post! Can't wait til' tomorrow!


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