The Bailiwick of CT Plus. Channel Island #1 - Guernsey (24/06/15)

HCT Group in London are known for their less than professional operation out of a Portacabin in an Arriva depot, however they run the Channel Islands only bus services. Liberty Bus in Jersey, and buses.gg in Guernsey. buses.gg (Yes, all lower case) run a fleet of around 40 buses, comprising of 8.9m Caetano Nimbuses and East Lancs Mylennuim Darts across 19 routes. Many routes interlink with each other, but all bus routes (Except for Parish Link P1) eventually terminate at St. Peters Port, the Heart of Guernsey. 
In my opinion, the best way to see the island is by bus. Fares are £1 per person per trip, or at £4.50 for a day ticket, they are fantastic value. I personally recommend the 91/92 (Guernsey Vayeux) routes. They circle the Island in a Clockwise (91) and Anti-Clockwise (92) fashion along the coast.

The buses used in their operations are about the same standard as most other vehicles in the UK. The vehicles on the island have to be small due to the islands continuously narrow roads throughout. Although most of the routes are crying out for a capacity increase, there simply is not the means to accommodate it. Though it may be fairly obvious, buses are often filled, with standing passengers throughout, so make sure you arrive early to the bus stop to ensure your place. After all. You don't want to wait an hour in the middle of nowhere!
 Click here to see more photos, as Blogger is being a pain and will refuse to work properly.

I will be returning to Guernsey, and will be visiting Jersey in the near future, so watch out for more of these posts! -JP

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