Hackney Central Trip 16/03/12

This trip was just to get the NB4L, which a special post was published a few days ago. These are the observations at Hackney Central:
Hackney Community Transport (CT Plus) HX03 MGZ on Route 394
Arriva London VLW154 (LJ03 MDK) on Route 254
Go-Ahead Docklands Buses SE139 (YX61 BYA) on Route D6
First London DML44287 (YX61 FYK) on Route W15
Stagecoach London 17505 (LX51 FNH) on Route 48
Arriva London DW407 (LJ11 AEX) on Route 38
Arriva London DW425 (LJ61 CEN) on Route 242.
After the NB4L pictures, here are other observations in Central London.

 Go-Ahead London General bus on trial on Route 19, before it moves to Stockwell. NB4L conductor confirmed this for me. No blinds mean weird light display :) Taken from inside the NB4L.
 Arriva London DW437(?) (LJ11 ABU) on Route 73 at Victoria Bus Station. Taken from inside the NB4L.
 Go-Ahead London General MEC9 (BG09 JKF) on Route 507 at Waterloo Taxi Rank.
Abellio London 9736 (Y36 HWB) blinded for Route 211 at Waterloo Taxi Rank.

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