Routes 20 and 462 24/03/12

This is a special post for the two ex-Arriva routes that changed hands to Go-Ahead Blue Triangle, doing first end to end Route 20, then Route 462.

After a journey to Walthamstow Central, these are the observations on Route 20:
 Go-Ahead Blue Triangle WVL460 (LJ61 NUU) at Walthamstow Central Bus Station
 Go-Ahead Blue Triangle WVL461 (LJ61 NUV) at Walthamstow Central Bus Station
 Inside upper deck of WVL461.
 Inside upper deck of WVL461.
 Looking towards lower deck from upper deck of WVL461.
 Go-Ahead Blue Triangle WVL465 (LJ61 NVA)
 Go-Ahead Blue Triangle WVL463 (LJ61 NUX)
Go-Ahead Blue Triangle WVL464 (LJ61 NUY) at Debden stand.

After a quick two Central Line train trip via Woodford, I got to Grange Hill for the 462, and this is what I got:
 462 timetable at Grange Hill Station
 Arriva/Go-Ahead Blue Triangle PDL54 (LJ51 DBU) at Grange Hill Station.
 Streetlite Go-Ahead Blue Triangle WS2 (LJ12 CGG)
 Interior of WS2, facing rear.
 Interior of WS2, facing front.
 WS2 iBus display
 WS2 at Hainault, The Lowe
 WS2 at Hainault, The Lowe

These were the reasons why I went to East London. Other observations from that day will be on a new post.

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